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Plumbing Resolutions for the New Year

Are you ready to welcome the New Year? Now is the time most of us are reflecting on the past year and thinking of ways to improve our fitness, relationships, occupations and finances going into 2017. One thing that often gets neglected is the health of our home, and specifically our plumbing systems.

To ensure a better functioning of your plumbing next year, check out the list of some easy ways that would help you avoid a visit from the plumber. Here they are:

Treat Your Garbage Disposal Well

Don’t just throw everything from your plate in your garbage disposal. Avoid putting fibrous foods such as celery, cornhusk and onion peels as well as anything that is not biodegradable. Run water while you are using the disposal and remember, when in doubt throw it out!

Ditch the Drano

Most homeowners’ first reaction is to reach for a chemical product when they encounter a clog. Chemical cleaners tend to burn a small hole in the blockage, not clear it completely. They are also very harsh on your pipes as well as your plumbers’ skin and clothing when he has to get in there to fix the problem. We recommend using an all-natural enzyme product called Bio-Clean which we always have in stock.

Your Toilet is not a Trashcan

 Your toilet isn’t a dumpster. Do not flush things such as Q-Tips, hair, tampons, wet wipes, plastic medication containers down your toilet. The trash can is there for a reason!

Cut Down On Your Water Usage

Have you ever thought how much water you use on a daily basis? We might not notice it, but actually we waste a lot! If you make simple adjustments (such as turning the water off when brushing your teeth) to your water using habits, this will not just save you money but save as many as 3.000 gallons of water a year! All it takes is to be wise with running water in your home.

Give Your Bathroom A Different Look: It would be a great idea to slightly change your bathroom’s look. New decor can be refreshing to everyone in your family as well as guests that come over on a regular basis. A homeowner can easily handle simple upgrades such as replacing faucets or installing different cabinets, but this will produce a significant impact on your bathrooms style and value. However, larger plumbing jobs are better to leave to the pros.

However, if you ever find yourself experiencing any kind of a plumbing emergency that requires the help of a skillful plumber, contact Full Service Plumbing at 954-327-8582