How To keep Drains Clog-Free

There are plenty of simple things you can do every day to help reduce the amount of clog-inducing substances that go down your drains. Such as:

  • Placing mesh screens over all your drains – especially bathtub or shower drains – to catch hair, food particles, and other gunk. This is probably the simplest, yet most effective thing you can do to maintain clog-free drains.
  • Reduce your dependence on the garbage disposal and start a compost bin. Not only does this help save water and energy, but you’re putting fewer solid, sticky substances down the drain to potentially create a clog.
  • Teach children that toys should never be flushed, and any toy smaller than the drain shouldn’t be played with in the tub.
  • Get a quality plunger sometimes clogs will just happen, no matter how much we try to avoid them. We do not ever recommend using ANY chemical cleaners. However, if you absolutely MUST use chemical drain cleaners, do so sparingly, especially if you have metal pipes as these cleaners can cause corrosion.
  • Don’t treat your drains like a garbage can!

We recommend performing the following maintenance to clean your drains:

  • Lift pop-up stoppers in the bathroom sink, remove any debris and put it in the trash, then rinse the stopper off and put it back in the drain.
  • Remove the drain cover from your shower or bathtub drain and use a bent wire or a hair catching cleaning brush to clear out any debris that has accumulated there.
  • Clean your garbage disposal with a sturdy brush or grind up a few cups of ice and some table salt. This helps to cut the grease and slime off the sides of the disposer. Then flush it out with cold water followed by half of a lemon or lime to deodorize.

A list of items you shouldn’t put down your drains:

  • Grease, fats, or oils from cooking
  • Coffee grounds
  • Meat, poultry, and fish bones, as well as egg shells
  • Pasta, rice, and breads
  • Gum
  • Stickers
  • Hair
  • Baby wipes, napkins, paper towels, and other paper products
  • Tampons, maxi pads, other feminine hygiene products
  • Cotton balls, cotton swabs, cigarette butts, fabric softener/dryer sheets, or similar fibrous materials
  • Band-Aids and dental floss
  • Condoms, balloons, or rubber gloves
  • Glue
  • Toys
  • Paint, paint solvents, nail polish, or nail polish remover
  • Bleach and other anti-bacterial cleaners

Don’t panic—keep an eye on your plumbing and watch for signs of a blockage, such as slow drains, sluggish flushing, or gurgling pipes. If you notice these problems, it’s time to call a plumber.

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